Видео: BMW R1200ST Commercial

Superbike BMW Motorrad R1200ST Commercial

Superbike BMW Motorrad R1200ST In 2004, bikes with the opposed-twin cylinder "boxer" engine were also revamped. The new ...

BMW Motorrad R1200ST promo

BMW Motorrad R1200ST promo.

BMW Motorrad R1200RT Norway Promo

BMW Motorrad R1200RT Promo.

Tv BMW Commercial R 1200 C

The new BMW R 1200 C. The Ultimate Riding Machine.

Scotland Motorcycle Tour on BMW R1200RT with Touratech's Herbert & Ramona Schwarz

http://www.touratech-usa.com/Store/PN-091-0193/DVD-Back-t... Touratech's Herbert & Ramona ...

Superbike BMW Motorrad K1200S Commercial

Superbike BMW Motorrad K1200S On 25 September 2004, BMW globally launched a radically redesigned K Series motorcycle, ...

STrit 9 aug 2009

Met enkele BMW R1200ST reden we doorheen de Vlaamse Ardennen en Pays des Colinnes.

Superbike BMW K1200R Commercial

The BMW K1200R is a naked motorcycle producing 163 hp (122 kW) @ 10250 rpm from its 1157 cc 4-cylinder motor with torque ...

Chasing my wife on her BMW R1200ST through Phoenix

Riding in Phoenix with my wife, testing the mic input on the camcorder with our comminucation system which allows us to also ...

BMW Motorrad: Afterimage Flash Projection (engl.)

Tell me something. And I will forget. Show me something. And I can remember. Involve me. And I will understand. For BMW ...

Wife leaving for work on her BMW R1200ST

This video was shot and uploaded with a Samsung Vibrant Android Phone.

BMW R1200ST K28 Instrument cluster failure

It runs correctly a few minutes after engine start, but oil temperature and fuel levels are not shown usually until next start.

Superbike BMW Motorrad R1150GS Commercial

The BMW R1150GS and R1150GS Adventure are motorcycles that were manufactured by BMW Motorrad between 1999 and ...

BMW R 1200ST Info & Features

Make Model : BMW R 1200ST Year : 2005 Engine : : Four stroke, two cylinder : horizontally opposed Boxer air/oil-cooled, 4 valves ...

Coal Creek on the R1200ST

The Plastic Cow in action.

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